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A "Community First" Approach To Leadership

Davis for Mayor

Because Community Comes First

In 2005, Davis and her husband chose to move to Tracy because of its reputation for being a safe, close-knit community with a small-town feel, rooted in patriotic values. Davis, a small business owner and Army veteran has strong patriotic values and thought Tracy a perfect town to raise her four young children.

 In an eight-way race, Davis was the top vote earner in the 2020 Tracy City Council election. Davis ran on the platform of serving the highest good of the community by being transparent and making common sense decisions that placed the best interests of the community first. Davis believes in government transparency and has worked hard to ensure that every vote she casts serves to benefit the citizens of Tracy and aligns with the will of the community.

     While growth is inevitable, Davis believes in responsible, smart growth that prioritizes and sets a standard for ensuring that public safety, infrastructure and quality of life needs are being met. She supports building and repairing streets and roads either simultaneously or prior to building more housing. Davis is a staunch supporter of public safety and believes that more growth necessitates investment in police and fire services to properly support the growth and keep community safe.

      Davis believes that her voting record has demonstrated to the citizens of Tracy that she deliberates thoughtfully, with integrity and in the best interests of Tracy residents- without any hidden agendas or motives. Although Davis did not plan to run for Mayor so soon, she feels that community requests paired with the direction the City seems to be is going warranted throwing her hat in the race. "This is a pivotal race for Tracy. A positive change in leadership is an opportunity to get things right for Tracy residents who are beside themselves with frustration with the overall direction we're going as a Council. I am only one vote of five. On some of the most critical issues facing Tracy residents, especially when it comes to responsible development, I am usually outvoted. A new Council can help change everything for the better. I am happy to work with anyone-but it is critical that we elect candidates whose only goal is to put the needs and interests of our community first." Davis stated.

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Quality of Life

Planning That Puts The Community First

Every decision Council makes has an impact on the citizens and the community we live in. Davis believes that Quality of Life is determined by how the Council plans to manage safety, growth, economic development, amenities and more. While a Strategic Plan is a great, general tool to help guide goals, Davis believes in creating a foundation of good policies to help shape expectations as a community, an organization and as a potential partner to businesses, organizations and corporations.

    Davis sees all Quality of Life issues as community issues worthy of discussion and input from the community.  Davis believes in community buy-in, and believes that transparency in government is necessary in building trust to gain that buy-in. Davis believes in listening to the voices of the public and responding in a way that is respectful of their views, even in disagreement.

    Quality of Life means making decisions that always puts the best interests of the community first.

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