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My Voting Record and Positions

A "Community First" Approach to Leadership


Measure Y/TOD/Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Davis voted NO against hiring consultants to create policies and ballot measures that circumvent Measure A and the voter-defeated Measure Y

A flawed and misleading ballot measure that attempted to circumvent Measure A by implementing Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Policies that called for thousands of homes to be built in the downtown and UR1 areas, claiming that without the TOD's approval, the Valley Link would not stop in Tracy. After the measure failed, on a 4-1 decision, the council voted (with Davis dissenting, Mayor Young supporting) to move forward with paying consultants to continue looking into ways to circumvent Measure A and amend zoning to move forward with the TOD.

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DAVIS voted NO against non-transparent, subjective, preferential treatment of developers.

Impact fees are collected to help fund the cost of needed infrastructure-water, sewer, roads, sidewalks; and public safety facilities in growing communities.  Funding for increased police and fire services are also included in these fees.  Every new housing development places a burden on the services and infrastructure of the existing community. To arbitrarily defer the developer from paying these funds is irresponsible and a disservice to the entire community. Additionally, the approval/denial process for deferments among developers isn't transparent, is subjective, and sets the stage for unfair practices with little to no council oversight. The motion passed 3-2 with Mayor Young supporting, Davis opposing. 8/17/21 meeting

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West Side Specific Plan/Proposed Warehouse Development at Gateway/11th Street

Davis voted NO against warehousing and industrial development at the Gateway.

Warehousing does not belong on 11th Street at the entrance of our city. Tracy has clearly defined areas approved for industrial in the International Parkway (IPC) and Northeast Industrial (NEI) areas. Davis opposes rezoning to expand industrial. While growth is inevitable, and housing and industrial has its place within the city-Davis believes that planning smartly is the key to maintaining a balance that the community will support. Making investments in critical infrastructure and resources such as streets, roads, sidewalks; addressing the lack of quality retail, amenities, well-paying jobs; modern medical facilities and institutions for higher education and skilled trade is a community priority over building more warehousing and housing developments, which adds little, if any value to the quality of life of existing residents. Davis supported Bedolla's motion of preparing a plan that consisted of a hospital, medical facilities, educational uses, office space, restaurants, shops and public and private recreation with Economic Development working with landowners for other potential uses. The motion failed with Arriola and Mayor opposing. Vargas absent. A second motion made by Arriola, and seconded by Mayor Young supporting Alternative 1 also failed with Davis and Bedolla opposing. Vargas absent. 8/17/21

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Reversal of Super Majority to Terminate City Attorney and Manager

Davis voted NO against reversing Grand Jury recommendation

Based on a series of internal issues and challenges facing the former City Council, the Grand Jury found that Tracy City Council should require a super-majority vote to terminate a City Manager or Attorney. Given the fact that three of the four council members who voted to enact the super-majority vote are still currently serving, Davis found the request by the Mayor Pro Tem, supported by Mayor Young perplexing. The Grand Jury suggested a Code of Ethics and implementation of the super-majority in order to further protect staff from intimidation and unfair and arbitrary terminations by elected officials.  I strongly supported keeping the policy intact in support of the very reasons cited by the Grand Jury. With Davis leading the opposing debate, the council conceded to leave the existing policy as is. 10/5/21

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Tracy Hills Subdivision Map Improvement Tract 3954, Tracy Hills Village 7C.

Voted NO to approving more housing without effectively addressing quality of life concerns.

This item asked the council to approve an increase of 73 to 132 homes. Questions regarding balancing home development with major infrastructural upgrades, traffic mitigation, lack of affordability and lack of sufficient police coverage in the area, were not effectively addressed, in addition to concerns brought up in the EIR report. The Mayor did not permit Davis to continue her line of clarifying questions of the developer.  The motion passed with Davis opposing, Mayor Young supporting. 5/4/21

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City of Tracy Flag Policy

Davis Opposes Subjective & Inequitable Flag Policy

The City of Tracy's flag policy allows the council to subjectively determine which flags are worthy of being flown at City Hall. Davis believes that the U.S., City and State flags properly, equally and fairly represent all Tracy residents.  Davis believes that if any exceptions were to be made, it would be for flags that represent service and sacrifice of the men and women of our Armed Forces on behalf of our country. For this reason, Davis supported the adoption of the Gold Star Flag which passed unanimously; but opposed the raising of the Pride and Pan African flags, which passed on a 4-1 vote. Davis opposed, Mayor Young and the other council members supporting.  Davis also requested that council consider an alternate location within the city that would allow for flags to be flown year-round-providing equal representation of diverse cultures, causes and beliefs-similar to the United Nations. There was no support for this request. 5/4/21

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South County Fire Authority Personnel Transition Plan

Davis has remained steadfast in support of the South San Joaquin County Fire Authority Transition Plan

After several months of listening to consultants, staff and council discuss and debate the pros and cons of transitioning, Davis felt that continued support of the transition was ultimately in the best interest of Tracy residents. The transition protected the current fire services arrangement with rural fire and strengthened a mutually beneficial partnership by maintaining excellent fire service delivery; protected current and future shared revenues intended strictly for fire services; reduced overall inefficiencies and redundancies of equipment and personnel, ultimately relieves the City of financial liabilities and burdens related to fire personnel management while still maintaining a share of control over the cost and delivery of fire services within Tracy. After much debate, the council unanimously voted to approve the transition. Vargas was absent.

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The Avenues Incorporated Into Ellis Specific Plan

Davis votes no against unfair RGA allocation practices

Allowing the developer to amend the Ellis Specific Plan to include The Avenues allowed The Avenues project to unfairly take priority over other projects who had been waiting for RGA's to become available. The Avenues and Ellis were two completely separate specific plans and by allowing them to combine, the council set precedent by showing preferential treatment. The motion passed 3-2 with Davis opposing, Bedolla, Arriola and Mayor Young and supporting. Vargas absent. 4/20/21

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